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Luxurious Body and Bath Products
Lady PrimroseNiven MorganCaren Original

Lady Primrose 'Tryst'
A glamorous, dazzling experience. Green Florals, White jasmine, Fleur D'Orange

Tryst Bathing Gel $58

Tryst Bathing Gel Everyday $24

Tryst Deluxe Body Brush $38

Tryst Body Creme $50

Tryst Body Velvet Everyday $28

Tryst Body Velvet $58

Tryst Diamond Dusting Silk $58

Tryst Dusting Silk Refill $26

Tryst Handwash Everyday $24

Tryst Travel Tube Body Creme $13

Lady Primrose 'Royal Jelly Extract'
The only bath line used in the famous Four Star Hotel in Dubai
Rich in warm tones of honey, apple blossoms and soft woods.

Royal Bathing Gel Everyday $24

Royal Deluxe Body Brush $38

Royal Diamond Dusting Silk $58

Royal Handwash in Pump $58

Royal Body Creme $50

Royal Handwash Pump Everyday $24

Royal Gold Skin Moisturizer $58

Royal Skin Moisturizer Everyday $28

Royal Room Fragrance $22

Royal Travel Tube Skin Moisturizer $12

Niven Morgan
Sophisticated and sexy, Niven Morgans dreamy signature fragrance stirs sweet longings and fond memories
with its warm top notes of vanilla and floral amber rising from a bouquet of rich Egyptian neroli and Italian
bergamot blended in lusciously subtle aromas of sandalwood and musk. For the sensualist.

Niven Morgan Body Lotion $28

Niven Morgan Body Wash $24

Niven Morgan Bubble Bath $23

Niven Morgan Hand Cream $18

Niven Morgan Wash/Lotion Set $36

Niven Morgan Room Fragrance $20

Niven Morgan Travel Lotion $13

Caren Original in Island Breeze
A floral frangrance of jasmine, violet leaves, lilies and woody amber.
These products contain "a nourishing blend of aloe vera, sweet almond oil, vitamins E,C,A & D,
pomegranite, rosemary, sage, cucumber, willow bark, green tea leaf, ginsing root, ginko baloba,
lemon peel, grapefruit, and algae extract.

4oz Foamy Face Wash $21

4oz Skin Brightening Treatment $20

6.35oz Large Bar Soap $7

4oz Facial Treatment $20

4oz Foot Treatment $20

12oz Hand Treatment $21

4oz Hand Treatment $12

2oz Scar Treatment $20

4oz Sunscreen $16

4oz Wrinkle Repair $40