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It is Nancy's belief that we should write down our lives for those who come after us,
so that they will know better how to come through the difficulties that they will face. The following is a collection of books Nancy has authored and some of her favorites from other authors.
"Snow Eagle Down" by Nancy Veldman
On a snow covered mountain, in the midst of one of the worst snow storms in the history of Montana, a small plane lay nestled in the trees near a frozen lake. One wing was gone. The nose of the plane was shoved inward, and there was no sign of life But inside the plane were Elizabeth Stone, a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, ad Dr. Jim Wilson, a cardiologist. Two people thrown together in a fight for their lives and no one knew where they were. Elizabeth had a booming business and was sought out by the highest ranking companies to fine the problem and fix it. Jim Wilson was a highly esteemed heart surgeon. They had one thing in common and that was a mutual friend named Leigh Miller, who was determined that they were a perfect match. Over a dinner table at Leigh's house Jim met Elizabeth and found out she was a pilot. He talked her into flying him home so that he could get to know her better. It seemed like the ideal date But what it turned out to be was a ticket for death. Life takes crazy turns, and this one day a plane was taken down on the side of a snow covered mountain No radio communication. Nothing. The stories of her great grandfather, who was a full-blooded Sioux, came rushing back as Elizabeth fought to survive the cold. The snow never stopped falling, covering their tracks. A story of human survival and endurance, you won't be disappointed. But underneath the coat of survival, there was a dance, a push-pull of two hearts seeking to become one. And the proverbial wall that Elizabeth had built around her oh-so-perfect life came tumbling down like the white snow that made them invisible. They found themselves alone on the side of a mountain with the last words she spoke across the radio to anyone who would hear; "Snow Eagle Down." $19.00
"Old Man Rivers" by Nancy Veldman
In a charming southern town in South Carolina, behind the large brimmed hats and glasses of iced tea, lurks murder dressed in a suit and black shiny shoes. An innocent man and a family of seven had their future erased before their eyes in what seemed like a watchmaker's second. Geoffrey Rivers, now turning one hundred years old, sitting in a creaky rocker on his son's porch, tells you a story that's as hard to swallow as a lump of black coal. On a normal day, working on the railroad, a phone call snatched normal out of his life and he embarked on a path to war, to save what he had left of his life. When the gavel came down in the courtroom, the guns he'd taught his sons to use became an albatross around his neck and he had to put every single moment of his life aside to fight an invisible demon. They say ghosts don't exist, but Claire Rivers, the love of his life, disappeared into thin air, and later was found floating in the Black River. Geoffrey had to hire the meanest lawyer he could find, and investigators who could pull a human hair out of a pile of leaves to win a case. There was no time to grieve, no time to think. For a jury of twelve was staring him in the face and his tired legs could barely hold him up. A story of murder and romance, you're gonna fall in love with Rivers. So you might as well sit back in your worn out leather chair and enjoy it. $19.00
"Presumed Dead" by Nancy Veldman
The United States Government chose only the elite Special Op agents to do covert in remote locations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Smith Sanderson was one of those agents who stood out because of his uncanny ability to recall details. He took his team to the border of Afghanistan in search of weapons of mass destruction. Risking his life with his team they entered a location not realizing that the source they'd used went bad. Smith went down and was left behind to die. His best friend, Agent Ben Parker, remained true to his promise and watched over Grace, Smith's wife. But in a horrific turn of events he volunteered to risk his life one more time for his friend. A riveting story of the power of the human spirit to survive, of a love that wouldn't let go, and a reminder of words written in stone thousands of years ago; greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his friend.
"The Physician" by Nancy Veldman
At the peak of his medical career in St. Martins, Dr. Michael Lankford decided to leave his partner and life-long friend Case McPhail and move to Crosgrove with his wife Jill, to be near their daughter Anna. There he found the perfect location to set up a practice and begin a journey that would demand every ounce of strength he could muster. He developed an uncanny ability to read a person quickly which aided in the diagnosis but also gave him information that forced him to make decisions he never bargained for. He befriended an old man and together they attempted to solve a case that had grown cold in the local police files. The heartache of one mother who'd lost her child drove Michael to do things he never dreamed he was capable of doing. A tale of courage and an obsession for the truth, this story pushes caution out the window and keeps you on the edge of your seat. But the book will remain with you long after you've read the last word.
"Edgar Graham" by Nancy Veldman
Edgar Graham is a novel of unbridled suspense, untold secrets, delightful humor and the overwhelming power of a hero's heart. A mid-western town covered in snow, Portersville comes to life as it bares its soul to Edgar Graham, a mailman. Corruption, lies and deceit are whispered on every street corner and he hears it all. This story will render you incapable of sleep as the characters weave a web that somehow becomes intertwined. As Edgar becomes his brother's keeper his skills as a former FBI agent are stretched beyond belief. Stepping through the underground world he changes a town riddled with corruption. Underneath the rough exterior was the heart of a hero. You will never forget Edgar Graham.
"The Box of Words" by Nancy Veldman
The Box of Words is a powerful story of unforgettable characters, romance and riveting suspense. On the eastern seaboard in Martin City, Kate Morrison never dreamed that her family would suffer such horrendous events. After losing her husband of 30 years, Kate struggles to keep her children alive while discovering a secret that could tear her family apart. Seeking to navigate towards a new beginning, Kate moves into a century old home in a familiar neighborhood, where she finds a new love. But she also uncovers in the dust of the old house a secret hidden for years. The words she sees will change her life forever, and the child who spoke them in the dark. Once you step into this page turner, there is no going back. For scattered through the words you read, like walking through pure snow, are the footprints of the child who wrote them and the women who found her. A book that will keep you up into the unwholesome hours of the night!
"The Fisherman" by Nancy Veldman
This fifth book is about studying how a real Fisherman fishes, because we are called to be Fishermen on land & and our bait is our words and our listening. However, a lot of the ways a real Fisherman fishes is how we will be able to fish on dry land. If we listen to the heart that is before us, the words we speak can be lifechanging. Truth. Most of the growth that we do in this life is on the inside where no one can see. But that growth can affect thousands of people for good or bad.
"Coming Home" by Nancy Veldman
"A collection of poems inspired by the music, and her own life journey. Words written carefully that restore your heart and help you to achieve the peace that we all seek.
"The Journey" by Nancy Veldman
We are all on a spiritual journey that causes us to grow and change. The difficult times are the very moments that alter our course into eternity, for we may not pass this way again.
"The Withered Leaves" by Nancy Veldman
We are like a tree standing by still water. If we do not drink, our leaves will wither. A book that will challenge all that you know, and show you the way.
"Dream Catcher" by Nancy Veldman
Consider that we live in a world of darkness and light. Man has created a grayness and his eyes have become adjusted to a level of darkness so that he feels he is standing in the light. Come with me on this journey.

"A Life Journal" by Nancy Veldman $68
A 200-page journal with inspirational words throughout to encourage and
provoke you to pen your life, so that it may have the chance to affect others.

"30 Things To Do
When You Turn 30"
edited by Ronnie Sellers $14.95

"40 Things To Do
When You Turn 40"
edited by Ronnie Sellers $14.95

"50 Things To Do
When You Turn 50"
edited by Ronnie Sellers $14.95

"60 Things To Do
When You Turn 60"
edited by Ronnie Sellers$14.95

"90 Minutes in Heaven"
by Don Piper $13.99

"The Ivy Stays Green"
by Janet Brice Parker $19.99

"The Noticer"
by Andy Andrews $17.99

"The Traveler's Gift"
by Andy Andrews $19.99

"God's Promises for You"
by Max Lucado $19.99

"Grace for the Moment"
by Max Lucado $16.99

"Jesus Calling"
by Sarah Young $18.99

"Life-Changing Moments
with God"
by David Jeremiah $19.99