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Piano Music by Nancy Veldman

Nine peaceful and giving collections of professional piano recordings by artist Nancy Veldman. Nancy is known far and wide as a musician who strives to improve the human condition. Many people have gained strength through her music and praise her for aiding their success in dealing with personal hardships, medical conditions, family relationships, and other needs.

Redemption Road

1. Slow Dance
2. The Prayer
3. Lean on Me
4. Love Builds a Bridge
5. Requiem for Tyler
6. Michael
7. Sunday Shoes
8. One Fine Day
9. Redemption Road

The joys and sorrows we carry in our hearts lead us to a loving God who has provided us a way to spend eternity with Him... and it is the only way home. "Redemption Road" $15


1. For such a time as this
2. Waiting to be read
3. First Light
4. Butterfly
5. The Way Home
6. We Dream Higher
7. Saving Tehra
8. Restoration

"Restoration" is number nine in the collection. We are in a time in the world where there is a lot of stress and our own lives need restoration. I pray this music gives you that calmness and a new sense of hope and direction in your life. $15

Dream Believer

1. Setting Janet Free
2. Finding David
3. Requiem for Tyler
4. Giving Hearts
5. Sail Away
6. One True Thing
7. Dream Believer
8. Purpose

"Dream Believer" is Nancy's eighth collection of beautiful music. $15


1. Falling Leaves
2. Dance With Grace
3. I will Be Careful With you
4. Become Like A Child
5. I Choose Us
6. The Words We Speak
7. Shepherd on The Mountain
8. The Love We Share
9. The Appointment
10. Beside Still Water
11. Waterstone

"Waterstone" is Nancy's seventh collection of relaxing music. $15

What I Know Is True

1. Morning Song
2. The Prayer
3. Teach Me How To Fly
4. You Gave Me Love
5. One Spirit
6. Run To Your Dreams
7. Keeping The Faith
8. I Remember A Time
9. Song For Katie
10. What I Know Is True

"What I know Is True" is Nancy's sixth collection of thoughtful melodies. "There is a Shepherd standing just over the hill; whatever is keeping you from going to Him, lay it down and run." $15

Journey of Grace

1. Go Beneath The Grace
2. Another Chance With You
3. The Dance
4. Melody Of The Heart
5. You Have A Way With Me
6. In The Quiet Of Your Mind
7. Carry Me Through This Time
8. Grace
9. The Giving
10. The Journey

"Journey Of Grace" is Nancy's fifth collection of peaceful tunes. "In the business of life, there is a grace that is given to us to usher in the new day." $15

Standing Beneath the Wing

1. Michael
2. Dare To Dream
3. I Will Come To You
4. Let Me Be More Loving
5. Coming Home
6. Roots Grow Deeper When It's Dry
7. Memories Of You
8. On Common Ground
9. A Resting Place
10. Sabbath
11. Standing Beneath The Wing

"Standing Beneath The Wing" is Nancy's fourth collection that will beckon your heart to soar and your spirit expand. "On our journey we discover that we are standing beneath a wing..." $15

A Peaceful Heart

1. Angel For Ruthie
2. Lord Of The Sea
3. A Peaceful Heart
4. A New Day
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. Voice Of The River
7. If You Pass This Way Again
8. In The Eyes Of Children
9. Far Away From Me
10. It Will Come To Pass
11. Moon Over Water
12. Requiem For Hope

"A Peaceful Heart" is Nancy's third and very special collection. The first composition, "Angel For Ruthie", was written for a friend suffering from a terminal breast cancer - Ruthie is now whole! $15

Moments, Like Eagles, Fly Away

1. Moments, Like Eagles, Fly Away
2. From Where I Am
3. Remembering Rachael
4. Falling In Love With You
5. Silver Screen Romance
6. I Will Remember You
7. Draper Street Revised
8. Song For Heather
9. The Journey Home
10. Picture This
11. You Were Made For Me
12. The Memory Of Trees
13. Letting Go

"Moments, Like eagles, Fly Away" is Nancy's second recording - a wistful compilation of mostly original compositions evoking a sense of both longing and belonging. A particularly heartfelt and healing collection. $15

If You Pass This Way Again

1. If You Pass This Way Again
2. Amber
3. Interlude
4. Watermark
5. Starry Night
6. Somewhere In Time
7. Unchained Melody
8. Serenade
9. Early Morning Rain
10. Amazing Grace
11. Grace Medley
12. Candles & Pearls
13. Draper Street Rag

"If You Pass This Way Again" is Nancy's debut collection of piano melodies. "The two original songs came when my father passed away, and I received the gift of hearing music." $15