Once in a great while you come upon the most wonderful thing in the world …. and you just want to share it with your friends! I love it when something really works. And this Beau Foaming Bath is fabulous!  I used it the other night and the bath water changed into something magical. All you do is pour a cap full and hold it under running water, and sit back and watch the foam filling the tub. Even after the foam leaves, the water is changed. It soothes your skin and the light fragrance rolls the stress right off your back.

Try it soon! Life is tough and it so nice to have something that helps the stress of the day leave you. We only live this life once… and stress is hard on our bodies. Just wanted you to know that BEAU BODY AND BATH is a great addition to your skin care. And as it turns out,… even your mind.


Have a wonderful weekend. Love you all. Nancy