There is nothing like walking into a room that smells fragrant. Fresh. Alive. Lafco Candles have accomplished something that most candle lines do not. Their fragrances are real. They are not heavy and they float through your home with a light airy note that your nose never tires of. My favorite is Foyer because it is a deep, mellow fragrance. But we cannot keep Pool House or Beach House on the shelves.

Lollia is adorable. I don’t know another word that describes it better. The soap is oval and creamy. It lathers up like you wouldn’t believe, and leaves your skin soft as silk. The bubble bath is heavenly and seems to change the bath water so that you feel soothed and cleansed. The names touch you: Calm, Wish, In Love, At Last. I think they have created a new one called Dream that I will be checking out soon. You have to try one of these.

Michael Aram knows how to do candles. OMG. They are not only highly fragranced, but they are absolutely gorgeous. There is a lid on each candle with a design that goes with the name of the candle. the container can be reused after the candle has burned down. I love Ocean Coral. Sometimes I just remove the lid on Saturdays while I am cleaning, and the fragrances finds it way throughout the room, without even burning it.  $68.00 but worth every cent. I would love to meet Michael in person and give him a hug. He is one of the most creative people I have every represented in Magnolia House!

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