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There is nothing more peaceful and capable of setting the mood than a candle burning in a room. Lafco candles are flying off our shelves, and I don’t want you to miss out. The fragrances are deeply seated in the wax, so that every time you light the candle you will have a soft fragrance wafting throughout your home.

We also discovered Lollia Bath and Body last year and have not stopped talking about it! The name alone lures you in. I am so excited about the soft fragrances and am in love with how the soap lathers. It is hard milled, yet it lathers like the bar of Ivory soap we used to use. You must browse Lollia Bath and Body and find one that you just cannot live without.

Jack Black is well known around the world as one of the top men’s skin care lines. But what you may not know is how good it is for YOUR skin, ladies. I use the Epic Moisture MP10 Argon oil on my face twice a day, and you would not believe how good it feels, how much it helps to nourish my skin and fight the signs of aging. After all, I’m 98 and I look 45! Just kidding. The body lotion and glycolic acid scrub are two of my other favs, so you HAVE to check out the Jack Black and find something good for your face or body. You will thank me for it. I promise.

I might mention in passing, that the word Fragonard turns heads. We have the Fleur de Orange heart soap and Olive leaf/Lavender soap large bar. OMG. I hate to keep saying these are my favorite things in all the world, but I adore these soaps. Because they work. They lather. They smell wonderful. And for heaven’s sakes, they last a long long time. ¬†Give them a try. They look wonderful in your bathroom! I pile them up on a huge clam shell that is sitting on my tub. (Just giving you ideas.)

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