At some point in my life I discovered I was a wordsmith. A storyteller. So in these books are words that will pull you in; make you turn the page. It has taken some years of living, some pain and suffering and joy, for all of this to flow out of me to you. We all think we have a novel inside of us. We probably do. I had those same thoughts for many years, but was not serious about it. One fine day, I dove in. And now I am addicted to writing. To getting lost in the lives of the characters. Some areas of each book are real. They are a part of me spoken out loud. Even though that is hard to do, it is also healing. And a little bit fun.  I urge you to try onee of these books, not only to lose yourself in the words, but to also find your way to penning a story that we all can read. I am a late bloomer, so don’t ever feel it is too late. I plan to do this for many years ahead. I cannot wait to see if you turn the next page.

The Box of Words was my first book. I made a small outline and jumped into the first chapter. I had no idea where the book was going. However, I had met a young woman on the internet who lived in England, and flew her here to give me the words in her box she had as a child. The book was written in 3 months. A record time for the first novel. And today, it is still my first love.

It is a daunting task to have a book ahead of me to write. The outline is limited. It does not tell me where the story will go or sometimes how it will end. But if I dare to sit and begin the first Chapter, somehow it begins to take shape in my mind if I let myself get lost in the story. That is just what I want you to do when you are reading these novels. To get lost in them. Life is so stressful and we need a place to go. Books are a wonderful place to get lost. To let go.

I am writing my 8th book now, as we speak. The President’s Club. It is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Maybe my most challenging book , being political. I would love to hear from you if you read any of my books, to let me know what you think. I so hope you fall in love with the words that came from my pen. And I am letting you in, one book at a time, to my world.

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