Magnolia House has become a great gathering place, with people coming in from all over the world. I enjoy bringing together those people with products like Gerson, Aiden Gray, Annie Glass, Couture Dreams, and Michael Aram, to enrich the decor in their homes. We live in a busy, stressful world and I find when I surround myself with things that I love and are drawn to, it creates a peaceful environment where I can grow.

Aiden Gray has outdone himself with creating carved wooden candlesticks, lamps, and furniture that has a life of its own. I know how I feel just having it in the shop. There is a power in fine craftmanship. It can be empowering to us when we surround ourselves with fine work. The same goes for Annie Glass, who creates handblown glass that is usable for dining and serving. Her work is stunning and goes with all of your dinnerware, no matter what the style. I love it with Michael Aram. The two were made for each other. Michael has blown me away with his creativity and style. I cannot keep his work on the shelves.

The Gerson Company has been around for a long time, and I believe in this company because it always updates the look. Always comes out with new and exciting products that fit in with your decor. Make your home a gathering place. Browse through these wonderful products and I hope you find something you can’t live without. Your home is where you spend your quiet time. Your time with family and friends. All of these items are practical and usable. They are not just for looks. Like that guest towel you hang in your bathroom that you really don’t want anyone to touch!

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