Music has been a part of my life forever, probably much like you. But writings songs on the piano was not. When my father passed away I started hearing music and have written over 100 songs and produced 10 CD’s. This event was life changing and began a ministry undercover inside the walls of Magnolia House. Hundreds of cancer patients came through my door, and the music started spreading across America into hospitals, cancer centers, cardiac centers, schools, offices… and many cars going down the road.

I play every morning before the world starts waking up, and it gets me ready for the day. Luckily, my husband has not grown tired of hearing the music, because when it was coming in the beginning, I had to play the songs every single day over and over so I wouldn’t forget them. Each CD has an insert where I have written who the songs are for or what they mean to me. I do not do concerts anymore but I used to do them under the shade trees at Monet Monet in Grayton Beach, where several hundred people gathered at a moment’s notice. It was a powerful time in my life.

Music means different things to people. To me it brings life. It changes your mood and your day. It restores and gives hope. Or it just flat makes you happy. Either way, I hope you enjoy listening to this music, and I would love to meet you one day, down the road. Browse through the CD’s and pick one out. Let’s see what it does to your world!

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