All of us find it difficult to find that “right” ┬ánote card that says what we want it to say. These lovely note cards are on heavy linen card stock and are poems that I have written. I tried hard to let the emotions flow so that the words would meet many different times in our lives. Not just one. The Moments Like Eagles Fly Away poem is one of my first, and it has sold for over 24 years as one of the top note cards in the shop, I think because it fits so many different occasions. Life is full of unexpected journeys and it is nice to send a card to help someone make that journey.

The Tree card is a watercolor painting I did years ago, of a tree withered by the storms that come from the sea. The wind that blows it sideways, ripping all the leaves over time. It looks withered but it’s roots are deep. That is our life sometimes. Like a withered torn tree. But roots grow deeper when it’s dry. I have sold hundreds of the print, so I decided to make a note card of the tree. It reminds me that no matter what I am going through, I keep standing strong. Like a great oak.

Take the time to write. In this new age of technology where we all text so much, I still long for that handwritten note to come in the mail from a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Let’s not lose that personal contact with each other. And I pray that for our children.

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