The Legend of Harry Downs


War has a grip on the minds of all men who have served in the military, and once they are bitten with the desire to fight for their country, it is nearly impossible to draw that out of their bones. You’ll fall in love with Harry Downs, and you’ll be envious of Anna Shaw. This story has a sweetness to it that we all want to taste. But with sweetness always lurks sadness; a bittersweet tune we all know. But remember, to whom much is given, much is required. If you met Harry today, walking down the street, he wouldn’t just shake your hand and grin. He would say words to you that would take the lead right out of your shoes. And you might even learn to fly. You’re smiling already, and you haven’t even met him yet.


The Legend of Harry Downs

by Nancy Veldman

If you brushed away the dust from an ordinary life, you might discover an unspoken hero like Harry Downs. On the outside he was tall, dark and handsome. He was a wounded warrior who just couldn’t put the sword down. He was called at a young age to become a marine and he pushed himself past the ordinary Joe to become one of the best snipers in America. He was also versed in Counter Intel, and along with his best friend and cohort, Max McIntyre, solved many problems that were never discussed in the open. It was a fact that the public had never heard of Harry Downs. But his name was whispered with reverence among the ranks of marines and other wounded warriors.

Harry was basically blown to smithereens and somehow, with the help of doctors, pasted himself back together with such bull-headed determination that his body couldn’t refuse. He stood 6’4” and no one, not even the doctors who pasted him back together, could tell which leg was real. He trained hard and he never gave up the desire to return to battle. But on the shirttail of that dream, Harry walked into another long-time love of his life, and danced her back into a relationship that all of us dream of. Not only did they rediscover each other, but Anna Shaw had a few secrets hidden in those lovely dark eyes. He bowed and she curtsied and they overcame the ten years they were apart, re-learning the dance they had started so long ago when they were young.


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