Set of 3 Notecards


by Nancy Veldman

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10 Cards (3 Fear, 3 Anger, 4 Moments) & Envelopes

Outside: Anger is only a word, yet, as it works its way into our thoughts it somehow finds a way to destroy every good thing that is within us, and leaves a path of destruction in hearts that sometimes cannot be repaired, Anger.
Inside: Blank

Outside: Like a tiny snowflake falling lightly from the sky on a cold winter day… Fear can float into our lives. And encompass our every thought and affect our every action until like an avalanche it has destroyed what took years to build. And we might never recognize that something so delicate as a snowflake had even landed on our heart. Fear.
Inside: Blank

Outside: Our lives are on a journey and we may not pass this way again. So hold on to the moment, and do all that you can. For though grace is sufficient for the day, moments, like eagles, fly away.
Inside: Blank


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